Production scheduling made easier!

Due to the lack of a powerful production planning tool, a lot of delays in delivery and bottlenecks in production could arise, especially when dealing with a lot of short runs.

To always be ON TIME and keep customers satisfied it's essential that vital information is delivered around the production plant at the right moment, right place, using the right tool, in a meaningful way.

In the past I was seeking for such a tool but none of them focused on this task only and having redundant applcations to load and manage the orders is not productive.

So, I decided the best solution was to build one from scratch, focused on our specific needs.

I found a component, developed for the .NET Framework, which, bundled with a lot of examples and a quite good documentation, is very promising.

All the features I ever think about, seem to be achievable using this component.

interactive and direct connection with all kind of databases: SQL, Oracle, Access and even .csv via API – any change in the interface is automatically updated in the database.

  • graphical interface: Gantt chart

  • constrained relationships between tasks

  • grouping of tasks by various criteria

  • milestones

  • connection with the shiftplan

  • many other calendars and calendar profiles

  • filters

  • automatic calculation and update of end date/time, based on task duration

  • parent-child orders (when printing more than one label on the same sheet)

  • show of completion percentage

  • mark of due date and overdued tasks

  • and many others.


Below is a screenshot of the job done by me so far.


For us, it is very important to have such a tool ASAP. But the work is huge so, if any company within Constantia Flexibles in interested in participating to this project please contact me.



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