Innovation Contact

Nikolaus Wolfram
Head of Corporate Development, Innovation & Marketing



"...Innovation continues to be installed as a mindset and a must in our corporate culture. We see great potential in the future, which will require further investments in manpower and equipment globally. It is essential for us a global player in the industry that we have another strong pillar of technology focusing on films and laminates, alongside our existing expertise in aluminum-based innovations." (Alexander Baumgartner, CEO)

Our approach is working with customers today on the solutions of tomorrow.
We see ourselves as more than suppliers of packaging materials - we are competent partners for development and marketing of cutting-edge flexible packaging and labels of the highest quality.

Product innovation is therefore key to our success and is something we think about practically every day, it is part of our culture and our identity. We have created effective in-house structures and processes to ensure a systematic approach. Innovation Steering Teams guide the innovation process from the idea to the product. Innovation teams in the divisions take care of professional implementation. In product development our divisions are supported on request by our R&D specialists in the Competence Centers.

Many innovations we develop together with our customers. To us, packaging is the soul of the product and key in differentiating it from others. We help our customers to generate competitive advantages and thereby create value.

We offer our clients continuous support throughout the innovation process with future trend analyses, Innovation Meetings and Creativity Workshops and our "CF Customer Academy" for training clients' staff in flexible packaging and labels.

We walk in our customer's shoes jointly towards success.

Customer Academies

The event of the CF Customer Academy was held for the first time five years ago with the goal of assembling individual training programs for our customers and addressing special topics and needs tailored to the specific participants.

A handbook is specially created for each participant containing a detailed summary of all presentations / information.

It is extremely important for Constantia Flexibles to cultivate close relationships with multinational customers and to intensify our collaboration with - in the individual departments. Precisely these types of events help us to further improve our image among our customers as well as on the overall market.

Continuous innovation through formalized process

Working with our customers today on the packaging solutions of tomorrow

Competent partner for development and marketing of cutting-edge flexible packaging

Effective in-house structures to ensure systematic approach

Support throughout the innovation process:

  • Future trend analyses
  • Innovation Meetings and Creativity Workshops
  • “CF Customer Academy” for training clients’ staff in flexible packaging

State-of-the-art competence centers for

  • Polymer films & film laminates
  • Aluminum & foil laminates
  • Labels (planned)




Innovative product examples


  • New generation cup-lock system with self-developed co-extrusion
  • Increased production safety
  • Cost reduction vs today’s standard specification
  • Sustainability support (e.g. 50% aluminum reduction)



  • Reliable protection against moisture cross-diffusion
  • Shelf life extensions
  • Reliable system compatibility
  • PVC-free structure
  • High absorption capacity


  • Recyclable pressure-sensitive label alternative for PET bottles
  • Cost-effective recycling solution